The corporate and market dynamics have led the i&i to the determination to implement effective development strategies to diversify its business activities: 

  •  Activating a number of internal consortia designed to organically organize working relationships with professionals and companies complementary to the i&i in order to enrich the patrimony of products and solutions to be offered to potential customers in the public and private sector;
  • Constituting with some construction companies, complementary each other, the RISMed group (Group of Sicilian Companies for the Mediterranean), for the execution of civil works in the Mediterranean countries (Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and Morocco), in which can be carried out all promoting and technical co-ordination functions;
  • In the commercial sector, giving life, within the same financial group, to the establishment of the i&i Trade, developing mutually supportive strategies with companies specialized in the area and being able to exploit certain mandates of representation acquired by a leading international manufacturer of hardware and software in the areas of i&i competence (Transport, ICT, ITS, complex Systems);
  • Establishing, through the Foreign Division, in partnership with potential local partners, corporate headquarters offices in the countries of interest (Mozambique, Tunisia, Democratic Republic of  Congo, etc..) Combining the inherent capabilities of i&i and the trading capacity of i&i Trade.

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