i&i have annexed to its cultural heritage the skills acquired in the field of strategic and territorial planning by its majority shareholder in the period 1995-2011, who have carried out various important political and technical functions at the Regional Province of Catania, developing highly complex processes such as those regarding the formation of the territorial plan, the mobility plan and the civil protection forecasting and prevention program, delivering highly innovative projects within the actions promoted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation of the Italian Government.

In these activities have been gained, among other things, important technical experience in the use of geographic information systems (GIS), developed in depth for the definition of technical and technological solutions that, based on the georeferencing of spatial information, have become useful solutions to some problems in the field of transportation, strategic planning and urban planning and, recently, in the field of property management.

The complexity of the issues faced in the context of innovative projects of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation has also enabled the current i&i management to approach delicate relationships underlying the internationalization process started by the Italian Government and the Sicilian Region with the frontier countries and finalized to reaffirm the historical centrality of the Mediterranean in the globalization scenario.

Particularly interesting have turned out some special projects designed and carried out by the majority shareholder of the i&i, playing the role of leader in the field of transport and land use planning at the Regional Province of Catania, in close collaboration with the Department of Regional Affairs and numerous national and regional public administrations, in the field of integrated logistics systems based on ITS and ICT, to support the development of motorways of the sea.

In carrying out of both strategic and territorial planning activities, have been cured all communication activities aimed to reach the maximum condivision by all the stakeholders who were involved in different ways by all individual projects, providing the organization of meetings, conferences and highly relevant conventions, in support of which have been developed, manufactured and distributed with great success Effective Communication Tools (Publications, Links, Video, Power Point presentations, press releases, etc.).

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