Complex systems ITS and ICT

Thanks to the experience gained at regional and national level by its technical director, i&i is now able to propose itself as a company specialized in designing, planning, implementing and management of info-telematics systems based on the most modern technologies available in the market of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) sectors.

The main areas of application of these technologies, in which i&i has expertise of national level, are:

  • Integrated systems for tracking & tracing of vehicles, people or goods;
  • Management and control systems for Vehicle fleets (Public Local Transport  companies, trucking companies, police, civil protection, etc.);
  • Control of access gates systems (Limited Traffic Zones, protected areas, controlled areas, etc.);
  • Users Information Systems in real time;
  • Integrated systems for traffic control;
  • Geographic Information Systems.


A deep knowledge of the main channels for national and Community funding allows the i&i to assist its clients in the critical phase of finding any share of co-financing of the project idea.

Thanks to stronger partnerships with relevant national and international groups, consolidated leaders in the implementation and management of complex systems applied to the transport sector, the i&i also proposes itself to implement, test and release of the designed systems.

With decades of experience i&i is concerned, with specific expertise, the implementation of GIS platform (ESRI, MapServer, Geoserver) for the development, management and display of spatial data.

The commitment of i&i for the Geospatial Open Source is directed especially to the government and the local agencies with proposed specific software that integrate the spatial component (topographic DB, orthophotos, cadastral map, plan of government of the territory, etc.) with various databases used by agencies through the design and development of:

  • applications for the management of technology infrastructure and services;
  • applications for the management of territorial issues (urban planning, utilities, civil protection)
  • integration of databases along territorial lines;
  • training in the use of GIS technologies
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