About us

i&i – Ingegneria ed Innovazione S.r.l., at the age of 20 years of activity, continues to present itself, with a renewed pride, on the domestic and international market as an authoritative interlocutor of the government and private companies to develop and implement ideas, proposals and projects with strong impact on the land and the underlying economy putting at the center of his work the principle of optimization of resources by meeting the criteria of maximum economy, sustainability and compatibility. I&i came out both of the world of construction companies and from fruitful and meaningful experiences, first in Africa and later in Italy, in major public works - roads, railways, dams, irrigation systems, industrial and residential buildings.In continuity of action with its origin i&i is intended for companies to become their partner in providing care and credible support for integrated engineering services within the functional ranging from design to construction to operation.

I&i is both Engineering and Innovation and as that has evolved itself in the design field, with particular emphasis on the land use and strategic planning, planning-design-implementation of integrated transport systems, mobility management, environmental compatibility.

I&i today, in the development of these new activities, has acquired valuable knowledge and experience in highly innovative technologies as GIS (Geographic Information Systems), ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems), ICT (Information & Communication Technologies), RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification), and many others thanks to an effective training action supported by the constant comparison and update.

I&i has achieved, with considerable sacrifice and selflessness, a strong credibility in the eyes of many public institutions with which he was able, in various ways, to confront in taking place in complex and highly innovative activities and today can boast of being reliable partner of some Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Departments, some Departments of the Region of Sicily, many municipal and provincial governments and other entities working in the areas of interest (universities, transport system management companies, port authorities, airport management company, etc.).

I&i today, at a time of global reorganization of economic and social balances, has decided to propose itself in foreign markets, making avalaible to some emerging countries, especially those in Africa, his skills developed over the years, also together with other high profile international partners. For this reason i&i decided to open a new office in Mozambique and to offer its own brand for the establishment of a homologous reality in Congo with which it works closely with regard to both technical and commercial.

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