In 1993 talking about innovation might appear a presumptuous sophistication. In effect, later, "innovation" has become one of the primary goals of the economic and productive national and international system.

This lucky intuition, reinforced by the successful experiences obtained in very difficult periods, has led the new i&i management to strengthen the sector creating an apposite division in which to converge the skills acquired and the opportunities procured in order to develop products to be promoted with appropriate marketing actions in the target market.

Of course the "innovation" division has developed itself along the paths already traced by the “engineering” division, being able to rely on strong relationships and beneficial partnerships with experts and revolutionary companies in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems).

These opportunities have enhanced the ability of the i&i management in developing policies for ever more effective partnerships until to establish new relationships that precede the activities diversification of i&i with the creation of a new company to be entrusted with all the marketing skills of the products produced by i&i or assigned by the numerous partners who have so understood presiding the Sicilian and Mediterranean area.

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