i&i has inherited significant experience abroad by its founder member and over the years has continued to look with great interest to the international market, now it can boast references in the following countries:

  • Democratic Republic of Congo [1972-1975]
  • Nigeria [1975-1976]
  • Algeria [1975, 1988]
  • Tunisia [1975]
  • Rwanda [1975]
  • Libya [1975-1976]
  • Togo [1977-1979]
  • Cameroon [1988]
  • Mali [1995-1996]
  • Mozambique [2011 - 2012]


Today, at a time of global reorganization of the economic and social balances, the i&i decided to return to his roots by making available to emerging markets, especially those in Africa, its expertise gained over the years, also with other partners of high international profile.

For this reason i&i decided to open a new office in Mozambique and to grant its own brand for the establishment in 2008 of a reality of the same name in the Democratic Republic of Congo which has recently been awarded a tender funded by the Government of Congo for an amount of about 16 million USD relating to the modernization of the road network of the city of Bunia in the Ituri region.

In 2015 this company, in association with the Indico Dourado Lda Eng. Emiliano Finocchi and GIS Service Dr. Claudio Miraglia, had Win by the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of the Republic of Mozambique Mozambique's two races:

 "Pilot project on the implementation of a control center for the commercial transport system";                                       (

 "Consulting Agreement for the creation of a network GIS in the formulation of national policies."

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